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What is Montessori?
"Spreading Resilience Through Education" - Preetha Kingsview


Montessori is a way of learning that integrates the whole child to bring their best out. Children's creativity is fostered through continuous preparation of the prepared environment or classroom. Such preparation requires keen analytical active observation skills from the educators.

Montessori prepared environment runs successfully when children actively seek to challenge themselves working their way through their challenges with minimal interruption, healthy collaboration, with little to no assistance from the educator or classroom manager. In my experience, a successful Montessori classroom will have a balance of healthy communication, collaboration, and purposeful focus among children. I've found children take ownership of their environment and enjoy sharing responsibilities when classroom adults model a sense of collegial leadership.

Collegial leadership automatically fosters emotional maturity and heightened emotional intelligence in all children even those who struggle with self-regulation. Collegial leadership has been the foundation of my belief system in my classroom for many years. It not only fosters students to actively seek to become their best but requires adults to seek to do the same. Children become acutely aware of not only their strengths and weaknesses but that of their peers and the adults in the classroom. Leadership skills and soft skills are developed through mindful and strategic interaction and communication. Children become leaders of change creating a wave of leaders as they grow individually and collectively as a class and school. While internal motivation can be natural for children it is us educators who often need a boost of motivation and collective efficacy can be achieved through a culture of collegial leadership. High performance is naturally achieved without ease among children and among employees. Thus, collegial leadership not only creates a culture of a community but performance efficacy and results that exceed expectations of all involved parties.

To learn more about Montessori, download the glossary of terms document. More resources and links to come.

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