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"Giving Back by Serving Communities "

Volunteering is not just about giving back to communities. Building connections to engage in creating opportunities for people to connect learn lead and grow. When people around us connect and engage in meaningful discussions, we learn to lead and grow towards the expansion of ourselves and the communities around us.

Although the pandemic brought about tons of anxiety, fear, and uncertainties, it also brought us the best opportunities for compassionate long-lasting partnerships. I  created structure with such partnerships, fulfilling administrative responsibilities while engaging in virtual team collaboration enhancing end-user engagement and experiance. I planned and implemented structure while creating new communication, outreach, and marketing strategies through change management procedures within non-profit organizations.
  • Principal | St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church Sunday School, Maynard, MA | August 2021- present | Grades PreK to 12th | College Advising

  • Diversion, Equity and Inclusion Sub-Committee Member | BC High, Boston, MA | Oct 2021 to present

  • School Council Member | Hollis Elementary School, Braintree, MA | Sept 2021 to present

  • Associate Exam Coordinator | Non-Profit Organization | Central Sunday School Board of the Northeast American Diocese of Indian Orthodox Church, NY | January 2021 - present

  • Director of Outreach and Communications | Non-Profit Organization | Northeast American Diocese of Indian Orthodox Church, NY | Jan 2018 to Jan2022

  • Vice-principal | St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church Sunday School, Maynard, MA | August 2019- present

  • Served as a board member for the Bluestone Condominium Association | June 2018 – June 2019

  • Founder Teacher and Assistant Principal | St. Basil Syriac Orthodox Church Sunday School, Newton, MA | June 2009 – June 2014

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