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Learning With A Purpose

Over the pandemic, I had the opportunity to spend a year teaching and creating a technology-driven curriculum to integrate remote students. Children in elementary classrooms are learning not just for attaining skills but as a preparation for life. Children choose academic activities with conscious effort and purpose to reach proficiency. I found children working with a conscious effort to expand academic skills and interpersonal skills. Intertwined within the curriculum was social-emotional learning which is crucial to raising a generation of competent children but also compassionate human beings. 

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Writing takes the place of creative expression in classrooms. Bring the first year of formally teaching in lower elementary, I noticed children curiously dive deep into math, history, culture, art, botany, zoology, reading, literacy, and geography. Over the year in journal writing, children worked on the Seven C's of Resilience, encouraging reflection and awareness of self. Students also work to be proficient in the care of the environment, care of nature, and school surroundings. Maria Montessori explained work as what children do with their hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. Thus the hands become instruments of human intelligence. Thus children attain independence and autonomy.

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