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Social-Emotional Learning

Developing Compassion, Empathy & Resilience Among Communities.

      Social-Emotional Learning is a necessary guidance mechanism for children and educators to find resilience and compassion. While the Montessori curriculum creates achievers and great learners, social-emotional learning impacts the ability of the community to apply intellectual compassion to connect learn lead and grow together. I have learned children naturally choose to do the right thing when they have autonomy. When social-emotional learning is integrated we belong to the community thus taking initiatives to enhance take stakeholder engagement and experience.

       Grace and courtesy are valuable lessons for children to be mindful of the environment, the materials, other children, and the movement, help conduct their day with safety and respect in mind in the classroom. Cosmic Education connects children to the outer world. However, social-emotional guidance and social construction are about educating ourselves about the multicultural communities around us. Problem-solving, critical thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, better emotional intelligence, and solution-oriented thinking are some of the skills learned when an environment is enriched with social-emotional learning. We become socially aware and learn to modulate our emotions and express our feelings thoughts, and ideas constructively.

Grace and Courtesy at work. SEL is naturally achieved when grace and courtesy values are instilled in children. January 2020, MHMS
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