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Action Research

Action Research is engaging in a continuous loop of planning, action, and evaluation through self-reflection, data collection, and analysis. As school leaders, we cannot impact the student body, parents, or our peer's community leaders without the self-evaluation and self-reflection factors integrated within our learning models. St. Catherine University MAED program is a great opportunity for educators who wish to integrate their Montessori training to receive credits and earn a graduate degree. Professors are passionate about providing a supportive environment for all learners. Curious about what action research is all about, check out my video for more details "What is Action Research?". Read the abstract of my research below and check out more details of my research on this page. 


The purpose of this technology-integrated research is to understand the effects peer collaboration has on students writing skills on 2nd and 3rd graders in a virtual setting. The research took place over five weeks in a lower elementary classroom in a private Montessori school in New England area. The population included 18 students ages 8 to 9. Students participated in a 5-week intervention process, working in groups of 3 on peer collaboration, sharing ideas, and creating group written work. The findings indicate an overall beneficial effect on children’s attitude towards writing, leading to better writing skills and communication skills. Collaborative writing in a technology-integrated platform positively impacted students’ typing skills. Continued research is necessary to assess additional domains such as cognitive improvement, vocabulary effects, and students’ specific writing skills.

            Keywords: peer-collaborative writing, peer collaboration, writing skills, self-perception, virtual medium, typing skills

Poster Presentation

The Montessori Event 2022

I am excited to share my research was selected to be presented at the Montessori Event 2022 which is a yearly conference conducted by the American Montessori Society and many other organizations in and around North America. I am grateful to have had the chance to meet other research fellows, make new connections, new friends, and meet my best friend who lives in Memphis, TN.

Get a quick overview of my research by reading my research poster. No time to read the complete research but are curious about the impact of the research and the effects I measured. No problem, please download the one-page pdf poster below for a complete research overview.

Curious about my Research?

My passion for collaborative leadership is evident in my research. While you read it take note of the impact it had on the student's attitude as a writer and their writing skills. My research revolves around measuring the effects of peer collaboration on students writing skills and their attitude as a writer. Complete Research documents can be downloaded at St. Catherine University research portal. To see a sample of students' writing, please click on the button below. 




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