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Peace and Cosmic Education

           Peace and Cosmic Education are one of the core values of Montessori classrooms. To have peace in the world one must find peace within their heart, mind, and spirit. As Montessori educators, we aim to be exemplary in modeling and practicing peace through compassionate problem-solving guiding children to be intuitively creative and critical thinkers. As educators, we integrate cosmic education by enriching the classroom with materials from cultures around the world and of students. Understanding the concept of the world and how the world works around us is a normal part of cosmic education. Comparing and contrasting what works and what doesn't to keep the world around children healthy and safe are keys discussion topics integrated within cosmic education. Peace education primarily focuses on peace in oneself, peace among peers, peace within the classroom, school, the school community, and the world beyond. Relevant topics of what peace means to different cultures are often integrated and interrelated within science, culture, social science curriculum areas within the classrooms. 

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