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Parent Resources on Homework

Creative projects

  • Learn the use of various garden and kitchen tools around the home.

  • Care for garden and common areas other than personal rooms.

  • Building a fence or creating a fish pond.

  • Find opportunities for children to connect with neighbors who have building skills.

  • Create art projects for children to independently work on. 

  • Learn a sport or learn to dance.

  • Learn to sing or play an instrument.

  • Learn to take pictures and create videos.

  • Cook with family.

  • Baking lessons.

  • Babysit younger children.

  • Visit new places whenever possible.

  • Volunteer opportunities along with grandparents, parents, or caregivers.

Language/ Literature / Math

  • Regular visits to the library. 

  • Create a resource list of museums to visit and have children plan a day out to visit the museum of their choice.

  • Regularly visit a bookstore to learn about new books.

  • Create opportunities for children to learn about science and the news around them.

  • Model storytelling with children. Encourage storytelling.

  • Read books together as a family. Read aloud time during the same.

  • Play board games.

  • Encourage writing a review after a movie or a storybook.

  • Encourage self-editing skills after their writing.

  • Measure things in the house.

  • Include children when planning the monthly budget.

  • Encourage children to have their own individual budgets.

  • Allow handling of payments when shopping at stores.

  • Talk about financial planning.

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