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Modeling Grace and Courtesy

Grace and Courtesy(GC) are values or morals that are instilled in children through repetition, kinesthetic experiences, and consistent modeling from the educators or caregivers around them. GC are valuable imprints that lay a strong foundation for children to have a strong sense of self-esteem. As educators, we must be ready to unlearn our biases, limiting belief systems to consistently and naturally model grace and courtesy throughout, our careers. Daily self-care and self-reflection are key elements for educators to become well versed in grace and courtesy values. These elements then become second nature to the children when we actively model them. Holding the door open for someone entering or exiting a building, saying please and thank you, waiting in a grocery line may all seem small automatic behaviors for us adults. However, GC values and modeling GC is the very foundation of creating a community built on compassion, inclusion, increased tolerance to differences, and competence. Thus, it starts from the classroom. Maria Montessori strongly believed courteous children were not only competent in academics but grew up to become happier and more successful in reaching their goals.

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