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About Me

Connect. Learn. Lead. Grow.

Hello and Welcome to my site! I am excited to see

you here. My name is Preetha Kingsview.


I am currently a coach with expertise in creating technology-friendly training materials to enhance services. I strive to integrate technology to promote communication meaningful connections while creating a culture of coexistence and collaborative growth. Over the past 5 plus years, I've worked with many non-profit organizations to implement structured programming to embed a collegial leadership work culture through effective change management practices. Collaboratively working with higher tier management I've implemented structure in marketing, outreach, and communication efforts within many non-profit organizations. I've found success in creating strategic communication policies and protocols while creating and curating digital content and training resources to meet the needs of the program users and stakeholders. 



        I started my career 20 plus years ago coaching my friends, cousins, and neighborhood children to recognize not only their strengths but also their areas of growth to reach their career and educational goals. Later, this experience came in handy as I transitioned to become an early childhood educator. Over the past 10 plus years, I strived to passionately create constructive learning opportunities for children of various abilities. Simultaneously, I worked towards engaging and connecting with educators to learn co-lead, and grow.


My vision is to inspire individuals to bring forth compassion to co-create change and growth. I am committed to creating challenging, and innovative environments where employees and leaders can coexist leading change. When all team members bring their best, we collectively learn, grow and reach our career goals, exceeding expectations with ease and clarity. I am a transformational communicator who effectively disseminates operational, technical, and education principles across all personnel levels to drive change and excellence across all industries.

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